President’s Note – October 2023

Many of the things that CURE is working on tend to feel like they are “behind-the-scenes”. It’s a constant cycle of grant writing, talking to officials and beauracrats, and making plans. All of that happens while still doing the little things to improve our neighborhood. Since it’s tough to make all those hidden actions visible individually, our team is launching the Mt Airy CUREator. This project will cover the updates of what CURE and other Mt Airy organizations are doing for the community. We will also share the stories, history, businesses, and people that make Mt Airy so incredible.

Collectively, we have a story to tell, and a future to write. That’s not something that CURE is going to do alone! Our focus is on building the business district, and that will come with a strong neighborhood to support it. Keep an eye on our website and sign up for the CUREator to have the latest news. I’ll be sharing the big projects that we’re working towards, and our enthusiastic group will be diving into all sorts of other local topics. Click through to see more, and please share with your neighbors.

Scott Hand, AIA
CURE President