Mt Airy Trail Fest 2023

On October 7, the second annual Trailfest took place at Oak Ridge Lodge and grounds in Mt. Airy Forest. It was a gorgeous setting on a crisp fall day, a true slice of heaven. The event was organized by the Mt. Airy Forest Advisory Committee(MAFAC) and Cincinnati Parks. Trailfest’s mission is to celebrate Cincinnati nature and all it has to offer by bringing together people who love being outdoors. There were many educational and recreational opportunities provided by a variety of companies and organizations committed to enjoying nature responsibly. What better place for such an event as Mt. Airy Forest!

There were groups of folks that headed deep into the Forest to experience a portion of the over 20 miles of trails that Cincinnati’s largest park has to offer. There was organized trail running, mountain biking, family friendly hiking and special adaptive hiking for those with disabilities. There were geocaching hikes that are a fun way to get in the woods by using technology to find things similar to a scavenger hunt and an orienteering course that taught folks how to navigate in the woods using compasses and detailed maps. All of the options for diving into the woods were fantastic, but Trailfest was much more than just for hikers. There was a large kids area with fun games, a beer garden, food trucks, art and crafts activities, a raffle that raised big money for the Cincinnati Parks Foundation and three local bands playing fabulous tunes all day. Perhaps the best part of Trailfest was the tremendous bond felt by all who attended.

In addition to MAFAC and Cincinnati Parks, huge thanks are owed to Cincinnati Hikes, Roads Rivers and Trails, the Cincinnati Off Road Association (CORA), Arrow Adventures and many more whose tireless organizational efforts resulted in a fun and memorable event. If you missed Trailfest this year, there are already plans to continue the event. Stay tuned as the date for Trailfest 2024 will be announced soon!

Click here for directions to the Oak Ridge Lodge in Mt Airy Forest.