Mt. Airy Commons

Mt. Airy CURE

Rebuilding Mt. Airy - One Block at a Time

CURE believes that having local amenities such as a coffee shop, restaurant, & dry cleaner will be impactful for the quality of life and property values in Mt. Airy. To make this possible, CURE has been working for seven years to lay the groundwork.

Mt. Airy CURE's Quick Accomplishments:

  • Bringing in over $1,000,000 in investments to the Mt. Airy Community
  • Acquiring over three acres of land in the Mt. Airy Business District for new development
  • Completing two art installations in the Mt. Airy Community
  • Implementing three major safety improvements in Mt. Airy
  • Leading the first comprehensive Neighborhood Plan for Mt. Airy since 1975
  • Mt. Airy Commons - Phase 1

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