Cincinnati City Council Approves the Mt. Airy Neighborhood Plan

By Belle Walsh

On March 29, 2023 passed Resolution 33-2033 also known as Mt. Airy Plan (MAP): Our Future as the first planning guide for our neighborhood since 1980. The importance of this plan can not be understated as it serves as a framework and reference for all future development. Mt. Airy CURE was the driving force behind this plan as it worked for nearly three years in conjunction with the City of Cincinnati Planning Department to painstakingly cover a multitude of topics. The end result was a comprehensive 84 page document that is open for public consumption by going to

Over 300 Mt. Airy Residents participated in this plan through numerous virtual meetings, open houses and a lot of hard work. The plan was scheduled to kick off with a cocktail reception at the historic Pinecroft Crosley Estate in March 2020. The timing of this event couldn’t have been worse as COVID 19 struck and everything ground to a halt. Back to the drawing board! The MAP steering committee and city staff pressed on undeterred and conducted “virtual happy hours” to hash out their ideas. This process continued for nearly two years as an enormous amount input was received, goals and strategies were prioritized and eventually a draft plan came to fruition. Mount Airy Town Council, the Cincinnati Planning Commission and finally Cincinnati City Council enthusiastically passed the plan early this year after rigorous review.

A debt of gratitude is owed to the steering committee, CURE, the City Planning Department and all residents who offered feedback. We invite all to read this and as we move forward with positive progress for our neighborhood, we will continue to reach for ideas and opinions on where Mt. Airy needs to head in the future!