Property Acquisitions


Gateway Corner

In 2018, CURE acquired our largest acquisition to date.

With over 2.3 acres of land located on North Bend and Colerain, CURE believes this site will be home to a major new development in the upcoming years.

While we prepare for the new development, CURE is dedicated to improving the properties for the tenants currently operating their businesses. We will also work closely with them to keep their business in Mt. Airy after new construction is complete.

Mt. Airy Commons

Mt. Airy Commons

As the first new development in over 10 years, CURE was proud to have built Mt. Airy Commons.

Not only does Mt. Airy Commons reside in the heart of our business district, but it is a place for everyone to park & walk to their favorite local businesses.

While building Mt. Airy Commons, we created a community space in the front that can be used for events such as farmers markets, art gallerys, and meeting spots for lunch.

vacant land

Vacant Land

In 2019, CURE secured another .3 acres of land in the heart of the business district.

CURE is currently working with developers & stakeholders on opportunities for this site.