Mt. Airy Plan: Our Future

Planning During COVID

What unique times we are living in! To help maintain the health and safety of our community, the MAP Team has revamped the Neighborhood Planning Process. Instead of holding large group meetings, we are organizing small virtual meetings (and yes, they can be happy hours!) based upon Neighborhood, Key Stakeholders, and Community Organizations.

The commitment is very limited. We will create the letters, links, Facebook Event, and Eventbrite Event. All we need you to do is promise to send it to your neighbors!

If you are interested in “hosting” a Virtual Happy Hour – please contact [email protected].

Meeting Results:

Kiplington July 28th Results

Business District Results

NE Mt. Airy Results

NW Mt. Airy (1) Results

Mt. Airy School (1) Results

My Airy School (2) Results

SW Mt. Airy Results

Raeburn Results

NE Mt. Airy (2) Results

Upcoming Events:

In-person MAP Final Community Review Open House: Thursday, April 7th, 2022 from 3 – 8 P.M
Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly
5530 Colerain Avenue
Light refreshments, including wine and local beer, will be provided!

Online Surveys:

Mt. Airy General Survey – please click here.

Mt. Airy Forest Survey – please click here.

About MAP:

Mt. Airy CURE is proud to announce an exciting partnership between Mt. Airy Town Council, Mt. Airy Civic Association, and Mt. Airy CURE.

For the first time since 1975, Mt. Airy will be working directly with the City of Cincinnati to establish a comprehensive document that will guide the future of Mt. Airy for the upcoming decades.

This plan will build upon previous community planning efforts and incorporate robust community engagement to create a unified vision of development. Neighborhood plans help focus development efforts, providing a stronger case for funding from the City and through additional grants and help to guide future land use decisions.

Our Team:

Samantha McLean – City of Cincinnati Planning Department
Casandre Walsh – President, Mt. Airy CURE
Mark Menkhaus – President, Mt. Airy Civic Club
Belle Walsh – President, Kiplington Home Owners Association
Lesley Jones – Pastor, Truth & Destiny Church
Emma Norbut – Executive Director, Mt. Airy CURE
Adelyn Hall – Community Learning Center Institute
Elizabeth Bartley – Executive Director, Invest in Neighborhoods

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